Meeting rooms in Ramada Donetsk are a perfect place for presentations and trainings conducting for 10-30 persons.

The total area of the meeting room is 30 m².

Plasma panel with laptop connection ability is at your disposal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

GREEN meeting room

Amount of the participants

Price, UAH per hour

Up to 12 persons 200

COFFEE meeting room

Amount of the participant

Price, UAH per hour

Up to 30 persons 150

Minimal rent time is 1 hour (for guests, who stay in the hotel)

Minimal rent time is 2 hours (for guests, who do not stay in the hotel)

Additional equipment

Price, UAH per day
Multimedia Beamer (2000 lm) 300
Tripod Screen (1.80*1.80) 150

Beamer (2000 lm) + screen (1.80*1.80 )

Additional presentation equipment contract price

Free flip-chart, brand notebook and pen, water, sweets are at your disposal.

The hotel staff kindly offers you catering arrangement during the breaks.