The total area of the conference-hall is 240 m². The hall is equipped with modern audio system. Seven loudspeakers built-in in the ceiling have equalized sound distribution around the whole area through the digital audio or studio microphones. The lighting system is distinguished by the variety of colors, powers and functional possibilities. The hall has well-developed infrastructure: cloakroom, make-up room, stage, spacious hall and convenient parking place.

The hall’s seating capacity:

  • «theatre» - 100 persons
  • «class» - 70 persons
  • «round table» - 60 persons

Conference-hall rent:

Up to 100 persons

Equipment: 2 radio microphones, tribune, flip chart.
PeriodPrice, UAH per hour
Up to 6 hours450
6 – 10 hours2700 (fixed price)
10 and more450 (every extra hour)

Additional equipment

UAH, per day

Multimedia beamer (2000 lm)300
Tripod screen 1.80*1.80150
Beamer (2000 lm) + screen (1.80*1.80)400
Multimedia beamer (3500 lm) and motorized screen 4.0*4.0 800
Additional microphone120