Popular Ukrainian group "NeAngeli" at the Ramada Donetsk! The band emphasized hospitality of the personnel and the comfort of the hotel rooms. Famous shocking model and a DJ Rick Jenest aka Zombie Boy has paid a visit to the Ramada Donetsk hotel! Vyacheslav Zaitsev - the famous Russian fashion designer has visited Donetsk to attend an exhibition Textile and Fashion 2013 as well as Donets Fashion Days. The legendary designer was ever so delighted with his stay at the Ramada Donetsk hotel especially friendly personnel and a comfortable room he had stayed in. 
<p>Valeriy Chiglyaev &ndash; a famous Ukrainian MC, actor, showman and a president of the comedy club &ldquo;Golden Goose&rdquo;.</p>
Group "NeAngeli"
Zombie Boy
Vyacheslav Zaitsev
Valeriy Chiglyaev
Incredibly popular guys in high heels - Kazaky - appeared in video of Madonna with their world-famous dance. Now they are back to Ramada Donetsk! This autumn Grand Premiere of the Ukrainian film IVAN SILA has taken place in Donetsk. Victor Andrienko, Oleg Grigoriev, Vasily Virastuk and Dmitry Khaladzhi has joint this Grand Premier. The celebrities stayed at the Ramada Donetsk hotel were delighted by standard of service and friendly personnel. Likes buffet breakfasts in Ramada Donetsk hotel and is waiting for new Atlas restaurants to open. Loves spending time in Pierrot lobby-bar.
Andrey Kishe
Irina Bilik
Are waiting for fitness centre and SPA openings to keep themselves fit. Enjoyed warm and kind atmosphere in the hotel. Have noticed pleasant interior changes. Values exceptional cleanliness and warm blankets.
Ivan Dorn
Ranetki band
Vremya i steklo band
Olga Freimut
Enjoyes that the hotel has joined the international network. Noted the quality of service. Friendly and well behaved personal is extremely important.
 Spends nice time in a quiet atmosphere of Atlas Restaurant The participants of 2Normal band, Anna Dobridneva and Artem Meh, enjoyed the new design of Ramada Donetsk rooms.
Alibi band
Mircea Lucescu
Brat`ya Grim is Russian pop-rock band Alena Vinnitskaya is a famous Ukrainian singer. She is an author and performer Ira Champion is a TV presenter, radio DJ of the biggest dance radio station in Europe Andriy Kuzmenko is a Ukrainian singer, writer, television anchorman and producer. Frontman of Skryabin band
Brat`ya Grim
Alena Vinnitskaya
Ira Champion
Andriy Kuzmenko