Welcome to the city of roses and miners` fame!
Donetsk was founded in summer 1869 when a metallurgical works construction was started. Nowadays Donetsk is a heart of Donbass. It is a dynamic megapolis with developed business and entertainment infrastructure. Donetsk is famous for its splendid parks where you can have rest from everyday life and enjoy the nature. Theatres and museums also enjoy wide popularity. We invite you to visit Opera House, Drama theatre, Philharmonic and Museum of Arts and other places of interest. We kindly offer you tour arrangements so that you see all the sights of our beautiful city.

художественный музей

Donbass-Arena Stadium

For the first time ever in Ukraine, Donbass Arena offers a unique opportunity to take a stadium tour of an elite sporting venue. You will be able to learn many interesting facts about the stadium’s construction and operation and also view many of the stadium’s inside limited access areas, not available to fans during the match.
Professional tour guides will reveal to you the numerous behind-the-scenes mysteries of Donbass Arena and show you where the Miners begin their journey to victory on the pitch, away from outsiders’ eyes. The impressions about such an exciting tour will remain imprinted in your memory and the tour photos will add an intriguing element to your photo album

Forged figures park

A park in the central part of the city with sculptural compositions made of metal. The park was opened in 2001. Here international festival of blacksmithing takes place every year and the best exhibits are presented to the park. The total amount of sculptures is 144.

Artyomovsk winery

Artyomovsk Winery is one of the largest plant in Europe on champagne producing by traditional bottle way. Coming down on the depth of 72 m you will see special chambers in which wine is kept, in underground factory departments you will get acquainted with process of champagne producing. Tasting is included in excursion cost. Excursion starts at 10.00 and 14.00. Duration of the excursion is 2,5 hours. The whole duration of the tour is 7 hours, 5 days a week (except Saturday and Sunday). Either group or individual tour is possible.

Salt mines

Salt mine is an underground city full of mysterious and unique places. While going through touristic routs you can see unforgettable salt caves with different salt figures.

Donbass sacred places: Svyatouspenska Svyatogorska lavra

It is a unique historical monument where the great numbers of pilgrims gather. The excursion over the territory of Svyatouspenska Lavra includes acquaintance with history of Svyatogorye; visit to Pokrovska church and Uspenskiy Cathedral; visit a church service and Svytouspenskiy museum, rise to the church of St. Nikolay through monastic caves, acquaintance with this church and with the architectural church of pilgrims, visit the burial place of sacred Iohann Zatvornik. Duration of the tour is 10 hours, any day of the week. The organization of group and individual tours is possible.

Donetsk dolphinarium Nemo

Sea bottlenose dolphins, South American seals and Patagonian Black sea lion live in Donetsk Dolphinarium «Nemo». During the performances you will be told about the physiology of sea animals and their behavior. Donetsk cultural and recreational complex combines the Dolphinarium, Dolphin Therapy Centre, the SeaWorld (Aquariums) - hundreds of colorful reef fishes, exotic insects and wonderful reptiles and amphibians from all over the world.